Learn why Guatemala is an attractive place to invest:

According to gathered data for the year 2019 from the Bank of Guatemala, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from Italy represents approximately US$ 27.6 million.  The most relevant sector regarding FDI from Italy to Guatemala is supply of electricity, water, and sanitation, in which Italy has invested US$ 25.3 million. The FDI in the manufacturing industry, however, presents a lesser importance, with approximately US$ 2.4 million.

According to this data, the FDI from Italy currently represents the 2.7% of the total of the FDI received by Guatemala.  There has been a decrease since the year 2013, when investments from Italy surpassed US$ 100 million, with a participation of 7% in the total of FDI received by Guatemala.

The export value of services from Italy to Guatemala in 2017 was US$ 16 million, presenting a decrease of 20% since 2013.  However, the value of services imported by Italy from Guatemala has increased, reaching US$ 15 million in 2017.

Electricity, water, and sanitation supply sector:

US $ 25.3 million

Manufacturing sector:

US $ 2.4 million

Learn why Guatemala is an attractive place to invest:

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