#Guaterapia #Guatherapy: walk, breathe, and rest with responsibility

Guatemala is a destination favored by its nature. That is why the Guatemalan Tourism Board has launched its most recent campaign: Guaterapia. This campaign invites you to discover our country’s nature and culture, in open spaces that allow social distancing, so you can experience unforgettable moments in a safe environment.

Guatemala has decided to reactivate its tourism. To this end, the Guatemalan Tourism Board (INGUAT in Spanish) launched its most recent campaign “Guaterapia”, that aims to bolster the sector after a complicated year (2020), in which tourism has been deeply affected. “We are sure that in order to reactivate our country’s economy we must support local economies, so that their return to normal can happen sooner than expected”, explained INGUAT’s general director, Mynor Cordón.

“Guaterapia” seeks to reactivate activities through the promotion of responsible tourism. This campaign invites you to discover Guatemala’s nature and culture along with family and friends, in a healthy and safe environment.  Within those responsible tourism actions, the campaign motivates service providers and Guatemalans to keep and meet the prevention measures in place that make up our new reality: mask use, constant hand-wash, and recommended social distancing, as well as respecting the capacity of sites to be visited.

In addition, visitors are urged to be good tourists: being respectful of the environment being visited, the culture of the inhabitants and the environment.

To get to know the different destinations and to renew yourself with #Guaterapia, you are invited to follow the Paseo Guatemala website:

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