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The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) supports activities related to the reduction of rural poverty and agricultural development in Guatemala since 1986.  During its first decade in the country, the IFAD directed its work towards supporting the Government in the strengthening of the peace process, and the reconstruction of the country’s social fabric in areas that were most affected by the internal armed conflict, which lasted over 36 years.  It also concentrated its efforts in the reconstruction of an economic and institutional platform for the development of marginalized rural and indigenous communities.

With time, the IFAD operations have evolved and went from being rural development projects for specific locations to becoming investment programs framed within a planned and integrated strategy at the national level.

The organization has supported nine projects and programs in Guatemala, four of which are still ongoing.  The projects financed by the IFAD have benefited approximately 160,000 homes, have contributed to improving food security, promoting peace, increasing income, and building sustainable rural businesses.


Among their main activities, the following is worth mentioning:

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