Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World

Heart of the Mayan World

Guatemala is a unique country, filled with adventures and truly unforgettable.
We are waiting to allure you with everything that Guatemala has to offer: its culture, its volcanoes, beautiful lakes, flora and fauna diversity, and most of all, its people. Guatemala is alive, magical, mystical, and ancestral.

Guatemala is waiting for you!

Guatemala is located in Central America and stands out for its extraordinary cultural and natural heritage. Given its privileged geographical location, distances between sites are short, which allows visiting different regions in one trip.

Known as the country of eternal spring, Guatemala boasts a mild climate that invites visitors to come any time of the year.  Furthermore, it can be accessed from any part of the globe, through two international airports: La Aurora, located in Guatemala City, and Mundo Maya, found in Peten.

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Also, the country is host to the largest number of archeological sites of the Mayan civilization, surrounded by impressive vegetation and fauna, making it one of the most important lungs for humanity.  Magic and mystery of the Mayan World are still present in millenary cities such as Tikal, Yaxhá, Aguateca, Mirador, Quiriguá, and Q’uma’rkaj, among others.

The colors found in craft markets and traditional dresses, the hospitality of its people, the beauty of its natural sceneries that frame volcanoes, lakes, rivers, and mountains, engrave Guatemala into the hearts of everyone who visits her.  Its natural, cultural, and historic heritage can be discovered in each corner of the country.

With its wealth and diversity, Guatemala offers several ways to enjoy your vacation or business trip, because different tourist segments can be found in one spot, among its seven wonderful regions.

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