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Diplomatic relations between Guatemala and Italy have been traditionally positive and were established on 25 February of 1864. The first ties between both countries can be traced back to 1855 and were later formalized through a Treaty of Navigation and Trade between Guatemala and Italy, signed on 31 December of 1868.

Both countries have Resident Embassies in their respective capitals. Ambassador Luis Fernando Carranza Cifuentes presented his credentials to the head of state of the Italian Republic on 5 December of 2019. Furthermore, the Ambassador of Italy to the Republic of Guatemala, Paolo de Nicolo, presented his credentials on 19 October of 2020.

The government policy of the administration of the President of Guatemala, Doctor Alejandro Giammattei Falla (2020-2024), is based on the National Plan of Innovation and Development (PLANID in Spanish).  In it, articulated strategic public actions are defined, which are to be followed by institutions of the public sector in synergy with national development priorities that stem from the integration process of the National Development Plan K’atun: Our Guatemala 2032, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda set forth by the UN.

In this context, one of the strategic pillars is foreign affairs, which envisions the improvement of trade, as well as the attraction of tourism and direct foreign investments. This will, in turn, attract foreign currency, generate high-quality jobs, and allow diversification in production within our domestic economy.  Furthermore, great efforts are invested in creating international cooperation ties, promoting the country’s image, supporting multilateralism, promoting peace and international security, disseminate our culture, and provide consular assistance to Guatemalans abroad.

In particular, matters of interest between Guatemala and Italy include the strengthening of trade, investment promotion, promotion of youth justice, prevention of money laundering and the fight against transnational organized crime.

The Italian foreign policy towards Latin America is carried out through the Conferences of the Italo-Latin American Institute (IILA in Spanish), as a tool for political and institutional dialogue, as well as for inter-government collaboration.  The Italy-Latin America and the Caribbean Conference is a biannual event at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs. It is organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Italian Republic, in collaboration with the IILA, representing the culminating event for the dialogue between Italy and the Latin American and Caribbean region.

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